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  • Denis

“I was stuck doing all sorts of things, having more failures than success. Then I gave Freeze Curve a shot! Wow the results speak for themselves. I am still amazed how well it worked.”


“After 3 kids, I found it very difficult to lose the extra weight. I was eating well; I cut out dairy and wheat and was doing weight training 3 times a week. One year after the last pregnancy I hit a road block. The before picture you see is the smallest I could get too. I had belly fat that didn’t want to go away. I chose to go with Free Curve option, just the thought of liposuction procedure horrified me. I opted to do the upper and lower abs. I was astounded to see how much fat disappeared after 6 months. I still can’t believe that it is all gone. I recommend Freeze Curve to every mother out there that does everything right but can’t get rid of that stubborn belly fat.”


“I’m an active individual with healthy eating habits, just needing some help getting rid of those last couple inches, so I decided to do the Cool Sculpt on my waist. Within 2 months there was a visible reduction on my back.”


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